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Save Time and Space with These Folding Techniques


Folding Techniques for Blankets – Tips to Save Space

  • Lay the blanket out flat.
  • Fold it in half – bring two corners to meet the other two corners.
  • Keep folding in half until you reach your desired folded size. Make sure to smooth out after very fold to ensure that there are no wrinkles and creases.


Folding Techniques for Jackets – Best Tips

Folding Jackets Inside Out

  • Turn the jacket shoulders inside out by grabbing the front part of the jacket’s collar and then pulling it around towards the back.
  • Fold the jacket/suit lengthwise – folding it so the open, front side is facing out with the shoulders touching.
  • Fold the jacket’s bottom edge up to the middle and then fold the top edge down.This results in neat square fold.

Using the Shirt-Style Folding Technique for Jackets/Suits

  • Hold the jacket or lay it on flat surface with its back facing you
  • Fold the right sleeve going to the jacket’s center and then do the same for the left sleeve
  • Fold the jacket/suit in crosswise, with the top edge and bottom edge meeting at one end

By following these folding techniques, you will be able to keep your blankets and clothing items crease-free. The added bonus is that you will have a neat house with no space cluttered with unfolded washed laundry.

Written by kashifazam

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